Expressing Our Gratitude: Honoring Our Healthcare Heroes

 In times of crisis, especially what we experienced as a nation during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there emerged unsung heroes who worked tirelessly to safeguard our well-being and protect the essence of life itself.

The healthcare sector has some of the most dangerous workplace conditions. Health workers are routinely exposed to various health and safety hazards, such as disease-causing organisms, radiation, and chemicals. 

During times of illness and adversity, healthcare workers, comprising doctors, nurses, paramedics, and countless others, have always been our guiding lights. Their unwavering empathy, tireless commitment to caring for the sick and injured, and their relentless pursuit of knowledge make them the resilient pillars of compassion in the Philippines.

Only health workers can run health systems, and their availability is crucial for increasing healthcare coverage and attaining the right to enjoy the greatest possible level of health. 

Every May 7, we recognize our health workers' valuable contributions, sacrifices, and commitment. By virtue of Republic Act 10069, the law declared May 7 of every year as Health Workers Day to give due recognition to the important role and contribution of the health workers who provide vital health services to the people and to promote their rights and welfare and enhance their sense of worth and dignity.

In line with the observance, here are ways we can thank our health workers or our HEALTHCARE HEROES:

1. Post about them on social media
It can be a short video or a thank-you note. Your social media post can give health workers the inspiration they need to get through this trying time.

2. Thank them
Thank a health worker who has gone above and beyond for your loved one. Your words can make their day better and serve as a gentle reminder that helping others is what they do for a living.

If you don't let them know, they might not know how much the job they perform each day is greatly appreciated.

3. Offer Help
You may support a healthcare hero you know by assisting them with various tasks, whether they are a close friend or neighbor. They can be too busy to do occasional tasks since they work more hours and additional shifts.

4. Stay safe and healthy!
Staying safe and healthy is the best way to support our health workers. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. We must continue to get vaccinated, mask up, sanitize hands, and practice physical distancing.

The Philippine Government ensures that health workers are well compensated for their hard work. Last February 2023, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. instructed the Department of Health (DOH) to continue giving allowances to healthcare workers even after the state of calamity expiration due to the COVID-19 pandemic declared in 2020.

To encourage health workers in public and private facilities to remain in the Philippines, the DOH also proposes standardizing compensation and enhancing their benefits.

Our country is fortunate to have health workers who are compassionate warriors, healers in white coats, and dedicated souls who stand at the forefront of healthcare.

From the bustling emergency rooms in private hospitals, to public hospital wards, healthcare workers have continously faced the challenges of pandemics, emergencies, and everyday ailments with unwavering determination and dedication. It is time to express our profound gratitude and acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of these selfless individuals. The Philippine Information Agency extends its snappy salute! (PIA-NCR)


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