How to get the best night's sleep ever with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Samsung offers a variety of Watch6 bands for different uses which can easily be interchanged with the One Click design.

During the holidays, when the hustle and bustle can be overwhelming, ensuring you get enough sleep becomes even more essential. From staying up late preparing gifts to spending hours in endless celebration, the festive season often brings a mix of excitement and stress, making it easy to neglect proper rest.

Taking care of your sleep is an integral part of your overall health and happiness, ensuring you can fully enjoy the festivities with a rejuvenated mind and body. To help Filipinos achieve healthy sleep, Samsung Philippines with its latest smartwatch Galaxy Watch6, has partnered with Emma Sleep, KonsultaMD, and Mental Health PH to share valuable tips on how to get a good night’s rest during the holiday season. 

During this joyful time of the year, sleep in heavenly peace by following these tips.

#TeamGalaxy enjoying the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress. Samsung partnered with Emma Sleep to promote healthy sleep among Filipinos.

  1. Get to know your sleeping patterns

People have different sleeping habits so it would be good to get to know yours so you can find a sleeping pattern that works best for you. Luckily, fitness watches like the  Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic have functions like enhanced sleep monitoring and a detailed Sleep Score, tracking total sleep time, sleep cycle, and awake time for a comprehensive understanding of sleeping habits. This series also has Sleep Consistency to visualize the regularity of sleep and wake periods, alongside a Sleep Animal Symbol that indicates how you sleep. Additionally, the Sleep Coaching feature provides personalized instructions, advice, and reminders on both the wrist and paired smartphone, aiding users in developing healthy sleep habits.

Dr. Aika Buenavista of KonsultaMD provided helpful insights on sleep health and ways to simulate a perfect sleeping environment.

  1. All must be calm to snooze peacefully

When you are too stressed out going through your daily tasks these holidays, getting a good sleep almost seems impossible. According to Ms. Lovely Ana Aguas of Mental Health PH, listening and responding to your emotions can help you manage them. She shared that two brains reside within us: the skull brain, conveying messages through images and stories, and the body brain, expressing emotions and associated physical sensations.

“Sometimes when we are too stressed, our skull brains just keep on firing messages [that] sometimes we do not understand it anymore. One way to connect better to our needs is by listening to our body”, Ms. Lovely shared. When you feel overstretched with the holiday tasks, simple breathing exercises can help you calm down and recalibrate and find the peace you need before hitting the bed.

Ms. Lovely Ana Aguas of Mental Health PH shares some tips to get in touch with one's emotions and ways to be calm in stressful situations.

  1. Give yourself the gift of health 

Getting the best night’s sleep does not only start when you’re about to hit the bed. A vast majority of it comes from what you do the entire day. Holidays are about celebration, and you might spend these days letting loose, some of which can have a detrimental effect on your health. Dr. Dex Macalintal of KonsultaMD shared how vices can have an impact not just on sleep but on the overall wellbeing.

To get better sleep and maintain a healthy heart during these jolly days, Dr. Dex suggests avoiding vices and adapting a healthy lifestyle, “You have to eat healthy, you have to get active, you stay at your healthy weight, quit smoking, stay away from second-hand smoke, control your blood cholesterol, blood pressure.”

Dr. Dex Macalintal of KonsultaMD imparts his knowledge on heart health and provides tips towards having a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Getting yourself ready for a merry sleep

Fun moments during these holidays make you feel like you don’t want to sleep at all. To help prepare yourself for sleep, Dr. Aika Buenavista, also from Konsulta MD suggests dimming the lights two hours before sleep, as well as putting your phones into sleep mode at the same time. You can also do some light physical activities like yoga three hours before bedtime to help relax your muscles, and follow with a warm shower to decrease your body temperature. She also suggested having a proper water intake and avoiding drinking more than four cups of coffee during the day.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic is available in Black or Silver, while the Galaxy Watch6 has Gold and Graphite Colors.

  1. Simulating the perfect sleeping environment

Of course, going to bed constitutes choosing the ideal bed you’ll spend the night on. You must choose a mattress that is not just comfortable, but is also made to unlock the transformative power of a good night sleep.

The Galaxy Watch6 series creates a serene environment by automatically adjusting connected home electronics, activating Sleep Mode on the watch and phone to mute notifications, dim screens, and utilize the watch's invisible LED infrared sensor for health insights without light distractions. The one-click band feature allows easy transformation into a fabric band for peaceful moments like sleep.

Samsung has also partnered with Emma Sleep which offers the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress that features a Diamond Degree® technology to get exceptional cooling for deeper sleep. It  also has dynamic body support, and  7-zone springs that truly elevates sleep into a luxurious experience.

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The Galaxy Watch6 assigns a sleep animal through the Sleep Coaching feature which helps users accomplish a program to achieve better sleep.

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