Into the Retro Arcade World: Content Creators bring their A game to Samsung Awesome Fest

 More than 8,000 mall goers and A series fans, including members of #TeamGalaxy, joined in on the retro arcade fun at the Samsung Awesome Fest held at SM Mall of Asia.  

Immersive zones, performances with local fast-rising OPM stars, and incredible freebies and discounts for Samsung devices delighted guests at this 3-day festival. Moreover, they were treated with experiences that brought to life the awesome features of Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G. 

Read on and discover what the #TeamGalaxy content creators loved about their Galaxy A-series phones and how it helps them live the most awesome Gen Z life!

Next-level Awesome content

When it comes to creating content, Gen Z sure knows how to make them awesome, especially with the right tool in their hands.  At the Awesome Content Zone, Aika Agustin shared how she loves to use her Galaxy A34 5G to capture her travel and cute café dates as it gives her amazing photo and video quality with a powerful camera that checks all the boxes. 

“Having the Samsung [Galaxy] A34 5G definitely helps with content creation…I like the different settings; it comes in macro lenses, there is 0.5 as well, which is so helpful if you want to get the full background,” gushed Aika.

Sharing the same interests with Aika is her good friend Ciara Gan, who also loves to go to cafés, wine nights, concerts and other outdoor nighttime activities. She even shared how her phone helped her capture her amazing experiences at night. “I tried it with my friends when we went to [like] a bonfire camping thing and it is like very clear, compared to other competitor phones when I take a picture. It couldn’t really compare to clearness that Samsung offers”, Ciara shared.

For Teree Daisuke, who enjoys solo travel, he loves how the improved optical image stabilization (OIS) and video digital image stabilization (VDIS) helps him combat blurs and shakiness when shooting content especially on his solo abroad trips. He mentions, “I have very shaky hands so when I do content, especially vlogging, it’s really helpful [with] panning [and other] clips like that…If you’re doing like a steady shot of something, the stabilizer is super helpful.”

On one hand, Patricia Gapay, or simply ‘Gaps’, looks forward to sharing mesmerizing pictures she will take on her upcoming out-of-the-country travel, which she can fine tune using Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G’s awesome content editing features. “I feel like the Object Eraser tool [will] be really handy. Definitely, a lot of people are gonna be in the background, so at least I can use that and maybe erase some people at the back”, she said.

It's giving #aesthetic and awesome

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G do not only provide an amazing camera performance, but also serve pure #aesthetic with its awesome design and fresh colorways which totally charmed Kenn Dayandayan. He said, “For me, as a phone user, I really like that my phone is presentable [like] even with mirror selfies and everything, so I like the design. I have a few brand collabs coming up, so with the A series, it’s really helping me make contents in a way that is appealing to my aesthetic senses, especially for Instagram.”

While Kenn loves the visual aspect of the phones, Ciara enjoys how the Super AMOLED displays provide an immersive viewing experience with ultra-realistic colors thanks to their FHD+ quality, which helps her in making and sharing her artworks to her followers. “I’m very passionate about creating content like my other peers and also making art…I rarely use gadgets for the reference pictures and stuff, [but] the Samsung [Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G] is very clear when it shows its pictures,” mused Ciara.

Also relating to Kenn and Ciara is Gaps who enjoyed the
Streaming Station that featured the immersive entertainment experience that the A series gives. She shares, “It’s really cool how it has Dolby Atmos [audio], which is what’s used in the cinema, and I love binge-watching shows so it’s really nice that my phone has good audio quality, so if I’m outside and I get bored, at least whenever I watch something I really have good audio quality.”

Powered-up performance, durability and battery 

When it comes to durability, the It’s Giving Awesome Zone revealed why the A series is on the top of the game, with its IP67 rating which ensures that the phone is protected working just as awesome even after being submerged underwater. Kenn likes this feature as a beach-loving guy. “I take the A series because it’s water-resistant. It’s really useful, especially for taking photos when in the water, like you don’t have to be scared because your phone’s safe”, he said.

For lengthy trips and travels, the long-battery life of the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G comes in clutch for Aika as she captures more content. She revealed, “The battery lifespan is really long, so super reliable which is super important especially when you’re creating content, [which] can take the whole day.” Aika shared that her phone actually lasted up to 2.5 days with just a single charge!

Also important is having a safe space for your precious memories captured through your phone, where you can look back to relive the awesome moments. “At my age, it’s really important for me to document everything. Every night, you can look back ka at your photos and videos. You can remember your happy moments with your friends”. Teree said. Luckily, every Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G will receive up to five [5] years of security and four [4] times Android OS updates to make sure that your important files are safe.

At the event, guests and participants also enjoyed the program hosted by Sam Corrales and the awesome performance of  Meriel de Jesus, popularly known as MRLD. The last day of the Awesome Fest culminated with music from Kenaniah. Samsung merch was also given to those who completed the Awesome fest booths, while freebies and amazing discounts were copped by those who purchased their Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G at the event. Trade-in deals for old devices were also made available at the festivity.

For more information on Samsung’s Awesome Fest, visit or follow Samsung PH’s Facebook page for updates.


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