A Laptop for The Creative Pros: Lenovo Thinkbook 15P

If you’re looking for a laptop that you will use for business and heavy creative work. The Lenovo Thinkbook 15P could be the laptop that you’re looking for. It packs with a lot of features that will cater to the needs of any creative pro.

This laptop’s processor has a 10th generation up to i7 intel core, has an operating system that can run up to Windows 11 pro, the memory that can go up to 32 GB, can onboard up to 1 TB SSD internal storage, and is equipped with NVIDIA Geforce GTX with Max Q Graphics GPU which are powerful specs that can satisfy the needs of any creative who handle a lot of robust heavy duty graphic tasks like photoshop, lightroom, premiere pro, after effects and the other adobe applications.

The display has two IPS display variants. Depending on your needs you can go for the option of Full HD 1080p resolution that has 300 nits and 100% sRGB which is enough to use for online content. But if you plan on working on prints and larger resolution videos for example TV shows or Movies then I highly recommend you can go for the Ultra HD or 4k display variant which has 600 nits, 100% Adobe RGB with X-Rite Pantone Color Calibration.

The physical build is sleek and nice. It has a dual-tone aluminum cover that is diamond cut to give that unique-looking design. The thickness is 19.9 mm and weighs only 1.99 kg making it thin and light enough to take anywhere. 

The keyboard has a numeric pad which is not common for me since most laptops I own don’t have that numeric pad but it's useful for excel and accounting work. It also has a backlight so if you plan on working in dim situations this is useful when typing in the dark.

They also integrated a fingerprint sensor which is handy for extra security.

The laptop has a generous number of ports that you can connect to a lot of different kinds of peripherals. On one side, it has a micro sd card slot, Kensington lock slot, and USB - A slot. While the other side, it has a Power Slot, Ethernet Slot, HDMI, Another USB A slot, USB C slot, Headphone/mic combo, and Novo hole.

Doing remote collaboration such as zoom calls won’t be a hassle because the laptop has AI-based noise cancellation that can reduce background noise and it is also equipped with Harman speakers and dual array mics to give you that perfect audio when you’re in a meeting.

The battery life based on paper is 6.6 hours but it varies depending on the settings, usage, and factors that affect the drainage. 

Overall, the Lenovo Thinkbook 15p is an all-around multimedia workhorse. 

Working with a lot of creative applications on this laptop has been fluid and it makes creating different kinds of content a breeze.

The 15-inch display is large enough for me to work on my daily content creation and it's not that heavy for me especially when I tend to always be on the go. 

I can enjoy browsing and consuming different kinds of media such as checking my social media accounts to just chilling and watching Netflix. The display just looks good on this laptop.

I also played some casual games and I tried playing Valorant on the laptop and I must say it's pretty good. No lags whatsoever in this system.

I would recommend this laptop to any content creator who would need a robust workflow for their content creation.

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The Lenovo Thinkbook 15p's SRP starts at Php 47,996.00. If you want to check out the price range if you want to upgrade its specs to its full capacity, you can check out the link here: https://www.lenovo.com/ph/en/laptops/thinkbook/thinkbook-series/ThinkBook-15-Gen-4-15-inch-Intel/p/LEN101B0011?

If you want to know more about Lenovo's Laptops, you can check out their social media pages.


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