About Me

Jo Serrano is a travel, tech, and lifestyle content creator who creates engaging video content for travel brands, destinations, resorts, restaurants, and technology brands. She has been described as a one-woman production house who hosts, produces, shoots, writes, and edits her own photos and videos.

As a travel and lifestyle content creator, Jo’s passion for discovering new destinations and getting to know various cultures in the Philippines has inspired her to share her experiences and to inspire other people to travel more and discover the beauty of the Philippine Archipelago's 7107 amazing islands. Featuring luxurious destinations to budget- friendly DIY travel guides, her videos have influenced people to travel more and discover unfamiliar places.

Aside from traveling, Jo’s other passion revolves around gadgets and technology. She gives her viewers insights on the latest tech. She has collaborated with a lot of brands in the industry such as, Deity Microphones, Fujifilm, Gudzen Moza, GoPro, ASUS and many more.